1) How long does it take for the locksmith to come to my place?
1. Usually, Tiger Locksmith will arrive within 30 minutes or earlier upon calling, (subject
to traffic conditions and Tiger Locksmith's
work schedule).
2.) Will there be any damage to my door lock?
2. Tiger Locksmith pick-open the lock and thus it will still be functional. In the event the internal lock pins are jammed, the locksmith may disable the lock to unlock the door. But rest assured that the door will not be spoilt.
3.) I have lost my key. Can I make a new one without any copy?
3. Yes, you can.
4.) How long does the locksmith take to open the lock?
4. Depending on the complexity of the lock, it varies from few seconds to 30
over minutes.
5.) My car auto shut itself with my key in it. Can Tiger Locksmith unlock the car?
5. Tiger Locksmith can unlock almost any model of vehicles in the market.
6.) How long does it take to make motorcycle key?
6. It takes between 2 hours - 4 hours. Tiger Locksmith can transport the bike to the
workshop and send it to anywhere within Singapore that the customer specifies.
7.) Do I need to produce my IC for opening my main door?
7. Yes you need. This is to prevent unauthorised person from entering your

8.) I have called Tiger locksmith earlier to open my jammed door but i have managed
to open it again? Can I cancelled my request?
8. Yes, you can. But you need to pay for transportation fees since Tiger Locksmith
rushes to your place upon your request.